QUEER SLAM podcast @ aKBAR

Queer Slam is an open mic, storytelling, and poetry night hosted by Silverlake Icon Tony Soto.

Have a cocktail and spill your guts.

This month we will feature pieces by headliners Oscar Montoya and Todd Masterson!

Open Mic sign up starts at 7:30PM. More details on participation below.

Queer Slam is also a podcast on REVRY and iTunes. Start with EP1 here------> https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/queer-slam/id1446511726?mt=2
Please do your best to keep pieces to 4 minutes or less so we have time for as many people as possible! We also ask that you to share your own original work.

While we dearly love stand-up, this open mic is dedicated to storytelling and poetry. Comics are always welcome and stories can be funny we just want to keep the night true to its form. ♥

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